Holocaust Restitution Perversion

State and Court United in Crime

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I.†††††† Germany


II.††††† The Supreme Restitution Court for Berlin




Does the proposition still apply that Germany is a state prone to unprincipled behavior?


How about the in its time hallowed but by now defunct Supreme Restitution Court for Berlin?(Henceforth referred to by its German acronym ORG).



This Courtís principal purpose was to effect the Restitution of Property Jewish owners had to give up, due to conditions prevailing under Nazi rule, to their erstwhile owners or their heirs; it was constituted after WW IIby the Allied Command of thepowers occupying Berlin; with the Soviets abstaining.



The court was composed of seven Judges: three Germans, one American, one Briton, one Frenchman, and one of a war neutral country.



The Story: